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Gown Styling | Be a little different

Nowadays everyone wants to present themselves stylishly. Fashion conscious girls want to see themselves in a slightly different look. And a lot of this different look comes from gowns. When she wears a gown, she looks like Queen Victoria or a princess of the Victorian era! Many people think that gown means something gorgeous. But there are many types of gowns. Each gown creates a different look in each program. Many people think that it is possible only by wearing the gown, but in this gown a little fusion can be done. How? Let's find out today about gown styling!


Talk about gown styling

1.What to wear to the evening party?

Thinking of an evening party? Styling a fur or a working scarf with a gorgeous gown will make a complete stylish thing come out. Red lipstick and antique accessories will give you a complete gorgeous look.


2. What gown can be worn at the office party?

Thinking about wearing a gown at an office party? Long shrug or coat with monochrome gown will give a very smart and elegant look but! Light makeup - this is incomparable to what you need!


3. Twist Between Western and Traditional Look

All Bengalis want to wear sari keeping in mind the tradition. But if maintaining a sari is too risky for you, then if you also want the traditional look of Bengali, then take a dopatta with a gown!


4. Want a casual outfit?

If there is a program so busy and you want a casual and comfortable look, then in this case, wearing gowns, maxi gowns are the joss for casual dress-up! However, you must use a belt with a maxi gown to understand your body shape. Your torso is the part from the bottom of the chest to the front of the hip line called the torso. The width of your belt will depend on your torso.


If your torso area is long, it is better for you to wear a slightly wider belt. This will adjust your upper body length and lower body length. And if your torso area is short, it is better not to wear a wide belt. Wearing a wide belt will make the upper body look shorter. So, those who have shorter torso or those who are a little thicker, create a thin belt or rope type loop just above the hipline. Yes, at the same time casual and festive dress code!


So, now wear the gown in your own style. And always be stylish.



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