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Which do you want this summer, comfort or fashion?


The days are full of hot and bitter regimes. Although the people who spent their days in dirty clothes have survived for a while, the fashion conscious people have fallen into misery. If you want to be comfortable, fashion goes into the water, and if you want to keep fashion right, you fall comfortably! But what is the way to leave one side and protect the other side? The mind does not mean to do that!

If you want to keep both right. I want to maintain the fashion trend according to the demands of the time. In hot weather, the body will want a cool kiss and you will walk around wearing heavy clothes, rest assured, it is not fashion. What is the time, what kind of clothing the body needs, what material is tolerable or which is now excluded, fashion is created by looking at these things. Clothing and decorations must be all in the sense of time. Then fashion will be protected and comfort will remain intact.

Wear loose clothing in extreme heat. Keep ventilation opportunities. Breathing will save lives. Slightly loose kurtis, kameez with palazzo or salwar can be chosen these days. Comfort will be the priority of everyday clothes. Too tight clothes will not give you comfort even if you are satisfied with fashion. But loose clothes can also be suitable, can be very fashionable.

A maxi style floral print kurti or a cropped shirt will look great on a summer outfit. These are very useful as weaving or tangail, summer sari.

Avoid neckline clothing too. Ghamachira poison will be less noticeable. And you can choose natural fibers as a material of clothing. Cotton cloth is the friend of warmth. Take off your cotton clothes to spend the whole summer. Avoid silk-like elements in clothing.

Light color is a thing of the past, this doctrine is probably gone. Lighter but brighter colors match the dazzling colors this summer. Light blue, pink, brown or soft green or yellow colored clothes will give comfort to the eyes at this time. Avoid black as much as possible, especially when you are out in the sun. Stay alive by mixing white with other colors.

Will the neck, sleeves and back be very open or will you be relieved by a little covered clothing? But it depends on where he is staying most of the time. If you are indoors, you can wear a little open-back dress, the half-sleeved shirt will be comfortable then. Then it may be a pity that the sleeve of the shirt is not a little long. There is no benefit in burning so much skin in the sun. So if you are out, choose the clothes of the day keeping these things in mind.

You can also protect your hair from the sun by wrapping a scarf around your head. Self-protection is also fashion. Speaking of scarves, but not hijab. So there is nothing to follow the rules. You can wear the scarf on your hair as you like.


Use less metal jewelry on hot days. There may be more discomfort in the skin. Small earrings or tops on the ears, bangles on the hands can be reduced by wearing a light style bracelet. I want to take care that the heavy rate does not become a thorn in the side of the neck. Even if you leave your hair out, you have to be prepared to tie your hair if you want.

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